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Sibling Weekend ’07!

September 24th, 2007 Posted in Pictures, Trips
Sibling Weekend '07!

This year, we decided to head up to Portland, Maine for our Sibling Weekend.


We stayed at Eastland Park Hotel in downtown Portland, and had a corner room with lots of windows. Unfortunately we weren’t on the water side. But we could kind of, sort of see the back bay…


We ate at Margarita’s Friday nite. The restaurant was half empty so they sat us in our very own private “hut” with little windows.


Apparently I “never” drink adult beverages with Samantha and Michael so every time I do, a picture is necessary. 😛 (Little do they know, I slipped the waiter a $20 to bring only the OJ part of the screwdriver)


On Saturday, we stopped in Kennebunkport for two reasons:
Michael and I have never been,
We were hoping to see the Bush Compound.


We stopped in Wells at the Maine Diner (Remember the Maine!) for lunch. Had to get the obligatory seafood meal. Samantha and Michael had this awesome looking Lobster Club which turned out to taste even better than it looks.


I ordered the Cheese Dream which was basically an open faced fancy grilled cheese. It tasted good but unfortunately the dream I had later was that I never ate it…

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  2. By michael on Sep 24, 2007

    I’m pretty sure the waiter would bring you a glass of OJ without having to slip him $20. 🙂 Also, who drinks screwdrivers?

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