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Blizzard 06 continued

February 12th, 2006 Posted in Snow

Feb 06 deep snow.JPG

Looking across the street you can see how deep the snow is.
Latest update at 11:15 am, 21 inches of snow and counting. Latest forcast is for up to 30 inches!

Feb 06 garage view.JPG

Doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere soon.

These two speak for themselves………

Feb 06 swing.JPG

Feb 06 deck.JPG

Now a couple views of the bushes
side view Feb 06.JPG
side view and……..

top view Feb 06.JPG
top view.

And we mustn’t forget the birds……..they seem to be “enjoying” themselves… on the feeder and one “playing” in the snow.
blizzard 06 birds.JPG

Pa just can’t stay away from the snow, he fell in checking the depth.
Feb 06 snow pa.JPG

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