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Virginia Country Ham

December 26th, 2005 Posted in Holidays, Pictures

Pa has wanted to try a Virginia country ham since I’ve moved to Virginia. This year I had one shipped to Connecticut for Christmas. After soaking it for over a day and then cooking it for more than 4 hours, it turned out very good, but it was quite salty.

a picture of our ham next to a picture of the ham from the site we bought it from
Looks like our ham turned out like the picture of the ham online… Pa must have done a good job cooking it.

Pa making the first slice of the country ham
Here’s Pa’s first cut into the country ham. I’m not sure if he gets the idea of thin slices.

Even more pictures on the next page… woohoo!

The country ham in the oven
Here’s the ham cooking in the oven. Fancy huh.

Here's the ham before the fat was cut off

The finished ham

Ham finished being carved
We cut enough for the seven of us, but the country ham serves 24-30 people. We’ve got some leftovers… good thing I’m going home Thursday; only 4 days of ham for every meal.

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