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First Snow in Virginia!

January 19th, 2005 Posted in Pictures, Snow, Virginia

Picture from work of the snow starting for fall over Rosslyn. It was supposed to start around 1 PM, but started closer to 10 AM.

Here’s another picture from around the same time looking out towards the apartment complex across from my work.

I wanted to go into the empty office with the view of Washington, DC, but unfortunately, people were using it for most of the day.

I thought my commute home would be horrible, but surprisingly everything was running better than a normal day. Part of this must have been the federal workers getting off 3 hours early due to tomorrow’s activities.

Wow, another picture of snow looking out over the apartment complex next door. This picture was taken later in the day. There is some more snow on the ground and it is snowing a little harder.

Here’s the final image in the series. It’s looking at the benchs at the base of the building. This is almost when the snow stopped.

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  2. By Skip Tickle on Jan 21, 2005

    first snow in virginia ever?!?!

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