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January 23rd, 2005 Posted in Snow

Windsor Winter Wonderland.jpg
Windsor Winter Wonderland got about 12-15 inches of snow. Makes for a pretty picture.
While we wait to see the snow in Virginia, take a look at some more snowy photos in Windsor.

snowy Tricia.jpg
Our front porch had alot of wind blown snow covering it.

snowy penguin.jpg
As you can see our penguin wasn’t able to escape the snow, he looks like he’s at the North Pole.

where is pa.jpg
Can you find Pa? He’s there trying to clean the driveway only the wind keeps blowing the snow back at him.

where is the car.jpg
Wasn’t so bad, Tricia found her car.

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  2. By gian paolo on Jan 24, 2005

    what’s means url ?
    in italian it could mean “urologia”

    hi to everybody, never thought to mouve to california ?

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