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Slow week

August 23rd, 2004 Posted in Mike's random typing...

It looks like it is a slow week in the Cafferata world… Not much happening in Virginia nor in Connecticut. Yesterday I bought tickets to fly home for Thanksgiving… Isn’t that exciting? I can’t wait to fly home for Thanksgiving! I think this makes certain people very happy.

Well, work is getting to be “old hat.” I’ve been working on solving a weblogic problem for the past week and a half… Guess what!? I found it today. Let’s just make the long story short and call it user error, with me being the user that caused the error. What a simple error it was too! I guess those are the hardest to find. Tomorrow I get to travel to the headquarters of the client to get my remote access crap…. then I will be able to do stuff from anywhere! Woohooo! Random people in third world countries can call me away from sleep to have me help them! woohoooooooo!

Maybe tomorrow I will be motivated and take/find some pictures to put here instead of this random typing. I’d do it today, but it’s getting late and Mike needs his sleep.

Here’s a neat link to see all the “light pollution”


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