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Like Serving Cake to Rats in a Panty

May 30th, 2004 Posted in Maine

Quite an intriguing sign, especially the great analogy. Digging clams to feed crabs is SO exactly like feeding cake to rats in a pantry.

Don’t let all the pictures showing nice weather fool you. It rained for days. This was the first nice morning (and also our last full day in Maine).

OB-viously you need sun for a sunset. This was the first (and only) sunset we saw while on vacation.

This is a view from our walk along the Marginal Way. The red water (marked by the arrow) seemed to be coming out of the Ogunquit River. We don’t know why exactly it was red. Maybe there was a mass sacrifice to satisfy the sun god.

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  2. By Total Ick on Jun 1, 2004

    eewwww! serving cake in a PANTY!

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