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Special Prize

April 28th, 2004 Posted in Pictures

Asian Evergreen
On the last day of Enterprise IT Integration, the professor gave us special prizes due to the awesome nature of our final projects. We had about six different plants to choose, so I decided to take this one. It is supposedly hard to kill and not poisonous. Definitely two pluses in my book. The name of this plant is Asian Evergreen, I think.

Oh well… back to working on my final project for Risk Management… hahahahah

  1. 3 Responses to “Special Prize”

  2. By Herbivore on Apr 28, 2004

    Is it moving to Virginia?

  3. By the CPA on Apr 28, 2004

    i love how you can see the MINI in the corner of the pic…. what did you name the plant?

  4. By Watta Wyirdo on Apr 29, 2004

    Q: What kind of professor gives out plants instead of A’s?
    A: A professor moving somewhere who doesn’t want to take his plants with him.
    B: A professor who owns killer plants whose only escape is giving them away to unsuspecting students
    C: A botany professor
    D: A plant-hatin’ man (eww plants)

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