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I have a JOB!!!!

January 24th, 2004 Posted in Announcements

I should let the four people who look at this site and do not know I have a job, that I have a job. I’m going to be moving down to Fairfax, VA and work for a consulting firm.

All I have to do now is pass my classes this semester. I’m not completely sure why I am taking so many classes this semester….

I have been busy with school work and such. That is my excuse for no updates this week. I don’t know what everyone else’s excuse is. I’m disappointed with the Library Action Figure because she didn’t put up pictures of her birthday — and I couldn’t be there 🙁

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  2. By Librarian Action Figure on Jan 25, 2004

    hey, it was MY birthday…how am I to celebrate AND take pictures of myself?

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