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November 24th, 2003 Posted in Pictures

When I was in Charlotte this past weekend, I had some time to take pictures of my hotel room. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera with me for the tour of Charlotte.

Here’s the view towards the west from my room.

When I was checked-in at the hotel, I was surprised when they told me I had reservations for a room with a king sized bed. I couldn’t find another person in the group with the same room setup.

Here’s the lovely desk in my room. If I brought my laptop and wanted to spend $10 per day, I could have had “high speed” internet.

And finally, the chair in my room. Hasn’t this been exciting!

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  2. By Ma on Nov 24, 2003

    Too bad you forgot your camera for the tour. Would have been nice to see some shots of Charlotte. Guess I’ll have to take a trip.

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