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Horrible, horrible Troy

October 21st, 2003 Posted in Mike's random typing...

This morning I woke up to a dark, gloomy sky. My alarm clock said 8 am, but I did not believe it. I walked over to my computer and confirmed that it was indeed 8 am. Almost at the same time, I hear thunder in the distance. The only thing I can think of is The Core since it’s been on the RPI movie channel non stop. Did the Earth’s core stop spinning and the end of the world is upon us?

Then I decided to check the weather – determine if it was indeed going to be a rainny, crappy day (as it almost always is). To my surprise, the weather outlook for Lovely Troy was snow, not rain, for tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

To show you the picture:

nsn.jpg nsn.jpg nsn.jpg

At this point, all was lost. There will be no fall this year. I wanted to go back to bed, but instead I went to class and learned even more definitions of an option.

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  2. By weather god on Oct 21, 2003

    it’s all my fault. sorry, i just don’t like you.


    don’t ever mention that movie again, or you’ll really feel my wrath! hope you’ve got a good snow shovel.

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