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Web Systems homework

September 11th, 2003 Posted in Mike's random typing...

One of my homework assignments for web system development was to create a one-player tic tac toe game. I just finished it. Here’s a link to the game.

The computer opponent is pretty simple. It will try and win if it can, and it will block you from winning if it can. Let me know if you can beat it with the placement and order of your moves.

Want to know more about it. Check out my blog for the class.

Not much happening in Troy. Two of my classes have much more work than the other two. They keep me out of trouble… but don’t prevent me from enjoying the Troy Pub.


  1. 3 Responses to “Web Systems homework”

  2. By Matt on Sep 12, 2003

    I won once. started with the center square, then the center row to the right, then the top square in the center row, then the bottom left corner, and the last open square was the top right corner and i win.

  3. By michael on Sep 12, 2003

    Thanks Matt. I fixed it.

  4. By Matt on Sep 12, 2003

    I just won again, started in the center square then the top middle square, then the bottom left corner, middle row all the way to the right, then center row to the left and i win again, keep working on it.

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