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First post from troy…

August 28th, 2003 Posted in Mike's random typing...

So, I’m back at school. I’m almost done with my first week of classes. It’s going pretty good so far. I’ve kept myself busy with the classwork. Much more work than previous semesters – kind of scary since it is my senior year.

I’ve spent part of this week trying to get access to the CDC’s job search website without luck. They tell you not to create a new account if you had one in the past, so I didn’t. After I don’t have access two days after paying the $5 access fee, I went to talk to them. The lady tells me I have to create a new account because my old account is disabled. Now there’s a script error on one of the forms I have to fill out to create a new user. Woohoo! The worst part is that there is my dream job out there – a combination of IT and Investments!!!

The rest of the week has been odd trips to different store to pick up things that I need. Nothing exciting really. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the local Troy Pub for some beer and nachos 🙂 This should be fun.

Three day weekend coming up. Don’t know what’s going to happen.

Sorry there’s no pictures of my little apartment yet. I have to get rid of a big box first.

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