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Vacation to Curacao

June 24th, 2003 Posted in Announcements

Annual Occasions Count Down script- By JavaScript Kit
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This notice must stay intact

var today=new Date()

//Enter the occasion’s MONTH (1-12) and DAY (1-31):
var theoccasion=new Date(today.getFullYear(), 7, 26)

//Customize text to show before and on occasion. Follow grammer below:
var beforeOccasionText=”left until vacation to Curacao”
var onOccasiontext=”Going to Curacao today. Woohoooo!”

var monthtext=new Array(“Jan”,”Feb”,”Mar”,”April”,”May”,”June”,”July”,”Aug”,”Sep”,”Oct”,”Nov”,”Dec”)
theoccasion.setMonth(theoccasion.getMonth()-1) //change to 0-11 month format
var showdate=”(“+monthtext[theoccasion.getMonth()]+” “+theoccasion.getDate()+”)” //show date of occasion

var one_day=1000*60*60*24
var calculatediff=””

if (calculatediff0)
document.write(““+calculatediff+” “+pluraldayornot+” “+beforeOccasionText+” “+showdate+”!“)
else if (calculatediff==0)
document.write(““+onOccasiontext+” “+showdate+”!“)

Note: the countdown will continue until the day!

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